The Cincinnati Insurance Company’s core, agency-centered business model and financial strength – combined with consolidation and convergence in the reinsurance market – put Cincinnati in position to build a lasting, best-in-class reinsurance operation, known as Cincinnati Re. 

                            FINANCIAL STRENGTH

                            Placing reinsurance business with Cincinnati Re provides ceding companies highly rated, diversifying counter-party credit. The Cincinnati Insurance Company’s financial strength ratings are assigned by four independent ratings firms. (Ratings are under continuous review and subject to changes or withdrawal at any time by the rating agency.)

                            Focus on Long-Term Relationships and Unique Opportunities

                            We bring the Cincinnati experience to reinsurance. Our team of experts will work with you and your reinsurance intermediary to understand the risks you face and to design and participate in the solutions you need. We seek to build long-term relationships, while also acting in unique situations where our capital and risk appetite can combine to help meet your objectives.


                            The Cincinnati Insurance Company’s solid and successful business model allows Cincinnati Re to target diversifying exposures with other carriers in a spirit of cooperation. Our team adds value and relevance to insurance innovation by providing capacity and admitted reinsurance paper to underwriters and capital markets participants who are developing new solutions for insurance and reinsurance buyers. 

                            BUILT FOR STABILITY

                            As a broker-market reinsurer, we employ technically disciplined underwriting and pricing informed by expertise and common sense business judgment. Our ability to pay claims is fully supported by a consistent reserving approach and a highly rated, diversified bond portfolio that significantly exceeds its liability for estimated future payments of claims

                            LEADERS AND EXPERTS

                            The team we’ve assembled to lead Cincinnati Re is highly experienced with deep knowledge of the reinsurance marketplace.

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